Marker Wadden

Unique and new

Marker Wadden forms part of the Nieuw Land National Park. This is a unique project aimed at assisting the recovery of the Markermeer lake’s natural environment, by creating a series of islands from sand, clay and sediment dredged from the Markermeer lake’s bottom. This is the latest addition to the Netherlands’ landmass.

Open to the public


The first Marker Wadden island is open to visitors who can arrive by ferry. In joint cooperation with a number of ferry companies, the organisation has managed to arrange a passenger ferry service on various days to and from the Marker Wadden. The harbour is also open to private boats. Various companies can arrange chartered tours and excursions to Marker Wadden.

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On an adventure

This latest addition to the Netherlands’ landmass encourages the pioneering spirit. You can make beautiful walks past three new bird hides, an impressive watch tower, the harbour’s beach and the North beach. This is still quite a bare land, a wide landscape where nature is just beginning to take hold. However, plenty of birds have already discovered the islands as an outstanding resting and feeding area.


Islands for nature

As there are (currently) few natural sandbanks and shallows in the Markermeer lake, the natural balance of the water has been disturbed. The Marker Wadden project was created to re-establish a network of essential sandbanks and shallows. This will give nature a fresh impulse to create more favourable water conditions for plants, shellfish, birds and fish. The newly established islands will have natural sandbanks and spawning grounds, to generate a robust, new piece of nature with clear, clean water, right in the very heart of the Netherlands. With time, this will become a true gem, the perfect place for migrating birds, fish and all kinds of other animals.

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