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The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is a fascinating marshy area between Almere and Lelystad; home to thousands of geese and other water birds, as well as Heck cattle, Konik horses, red deer and foxes. Many excellent walking or cycling routes start at the De Oostvaarders nature experience centre, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant before you set off. You can use the binoculars available to observe the animals in this attractive piece of nature, or book an adventurous excursion with the forest ranger for an even closer look. With a bit of luck you might spot the spectacular and very rare sea eagle!

The De Oostvaarders nature experience centre is the perfect launch pad for exploring Oostvaardersplassen Almere. From the centre, using the binoculars available, you have exquisite views out over the wide-open fields and water areas. Located on the ground floor, the De Oostvaarders Pavilion restaurant offers a delicious range of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes. 

There’s so much to do

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The De Oostvaarders nature experience centre

Stad & Natuur’s impressive centre has binoculars available for you to use. This is where you can find out everything about this unique piece of nature and all the many unusual animals that live here. There are highly informative videos to watch, as well as a small exhibition. The De Oostvaarders Pavilion is located on the ground floor, where you can enjoy the views as well as something to eat and drink. There are excursions with Staatsbosbeheer forestry guides to complement the regular fun activities or larger weekend events.

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A true paradise for birds

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Area of special natural beauty

In 1968 when the Flevopolder was drained, the wet Oostvaardersplassen area remained unused. Nature quickly seized its opportunity to reclaim its own, creating marshlands, pools and fields of reed and willow. This became a key stop-over for birds en route south from the polar regions to Africa. This new swampy landscape rapidly became home to many animals, including numerous rare species of bird. The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is now a true bird paradise. 

From educational material to internships

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Nature education

There are attractive learning packages available for primary school children. Start at the nature experience centre and ensure you obtain your sea eagle diploma or get to know the fox better. Tailored programmes are available for young secondary school pupils to key in with their school’s educational programme. Are you a student? Then feel free to contact us about intern opportunities or assignments. 

Almere’s rugged back garden

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Would you like to know more about Almere?

The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is Almere’s rough and wild rear garden. Almere is constructed on ground that was once the Zuiderzee seabed. It’s full of modern architecture, as well as areas of outstanding nature. To make up for the fact that there are no quaint old canal houses, Almere displays some modern architectural gems designed by world-renowned architects. Constructed on the concept of a ‘garden city’, you’re assured of never being more than five minutes from a park or distinctive piece of nature. Thanks to the separated-out road network, you can enjoy many kilometres of car-free cycling here.

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