The Almere side

Welcome to the Almere side of the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. You’ll find information about Oostvaardersplassen Almere’s accessibility on this page. The nature experience centre is the best place to start your adventure through this exceptional piece of nature. You’ll find the De Oostvaarders Pavilion located on the ground floor of the nature experience centre. Contact details can be found below.

Your start location

The De Oostvaarders nature experience centre

The De Oostvaarders Pavilion

Location - This is where you’ll find the De Oostvaarders nature experience centre and the De Oostvaarders Pavilion

Good to know

© Marjolein den Hartog

Resting area during the winter months

The Oostvaardersbos and Kotterbos woods are resting areas for red deer, Heck cattle and Konik horses during the winter months. These areas have limited access for the general public during this period. The De Oostvaarders nature experience centre can be reached by car throughout the year and is open for walkers and cyclists. The path linking the nature experience centre and the cycle bridge at the Oostrand park remains open. If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

© Marjolein den Hartog


For an overview of the accessibility per area, have a look at Staatsbosbeheer’s overview map. All the latest information regarding the area’s accessibility can be found on the Oostvaardersplassen forestry ranger’s blog.

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