The Markermeer lake

Land reclamation

The Markermeer lake was named after the island of Marken, created as part of the Zuiderzee reclamation project. The Markermeer lake came into being in 1976 when the dyke was constructed between Enkhuizen and Lelystad, isolating the water from the rivers and the sea. Originally earmarked for reclamation, today it remains a vast expanse of open water in the Markerwaard area, ideal for water sports.

Water sports

Challenging area

The Markermeer lake is a superb sailing area for water sports activities, with few areas in the Netherlands offering so many outstanding opportunities. The area can be challenging, even for the experienced water sports enthusiast, however during calmer, quieter weather the Markermeer lake also has plenty to offer smaller vessels.

What will you choose?

Discover the Markermeer Lake

Sailing, wakeboarding, surfing, kitesurfing or catamaran sailing; everything’s possible on the Markermeer lake. Even for landlubbers the Markermeer lake is a fantastic place to enjoy. Every day is different here!

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