Research in Nationaal Park Nieuw Land

On the spot where less than a hundred years ago the waves of the Zuiderzee had free play, a new and unique nature reserve is being created: National Park Nieuw Land. Although the name suggests otherwise, three-quarters of the park consists of water and is formed by a large part of the Markermeer, the Oostvaardersplassen, the Lepelaarplassen and the newly created Marker Wadden. Each of these are natural areas created by human hands, providing space for new ecosystems on an unprecedented scale. National Park Nieuw Land is a unique area that gives researchers the opportunity to learn more about the development of man-made nature How does nature respond to changing conditions? What can we learn from this for the development and restoration of other natural areas? These and other questions will be answered by six researchers working here every day.

Nature researchers talk about the unique ecological dynamics of our youngest national park