Why not explore Nieuw Land National Park on a bicycle? That’s easy to do with the marked cycle routes. There are routes of different lengths and with different things to see. And of course places to stop for a bite to eat and drink.   

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Racing along the Plassen

What is Flevoland known for? Long, straight paths that you can race down as a cyclist! Have fun doing...

(85.0 km)
Keren langs de Meren
Wielrennen route Keren langs de Meren

Woods, polder, water and view of the city; the cycle route ‘Keren langs de Meren’ shows all the diversity...

(113.0 km)
Oostvaardersplassen edelherten in het water

Follow this walking route along the Weidepad [meadow path]. It’s a rough landscape full of green plants....

(4.0 km)
Backpack route: Walking through the Wilgenbos (8 - 12 years old)

With a backpack full of materials, you walk through the Wilgenbos. By carrying out practical assignments...

(3.5 km)
Tour of the Lepelaarplassen

Welcome to the Lepelaarplassen! Enter this special bird world and enjoy the panoramic views over the...

(12.0 km)
Oostvaardersplassen tour

Cycling around the Oostvaardersplassen, past marshes and willow and elder grasslands. From the observation...

1 hour 49 minutes (33.0 km)
Looking for the White-tailed eagle

A walk through the Driehoek, heading for the large De Zeearend observation hut. From there, you have...

(5.0 km)
Nature and architecture route Oostvaardersplassen

This route starts at the De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre and takes you past the distinctive...

2 hours 10 minutes (39.6 km)
Open boat route: Over land, over sea

This varied route is perfect for a journey lasting a whole day or a tour lasting several days with an...

6 hours (42.0 km)
Kotterbos grauwe ganzen

Come walking through the Kotterbos woods in the Oostvaardersplassen. The trees alternate with reeds,...

(3.0 km)
Oostvaardersplassen slenk

A varied walk through the bird-rich Oostvaardersveld and the lovely Hollandse Hout near the Oostvaardersplassen.

(10.0 km)

Wander through the Hollandse Hout reserve in the Oostvaardersplassen. It’s a small natural paradise....

(2.0 km)
Flevoland tour
Wielrennen route Rond(je) Flevoland

Are you a fitness fanatic who does not flinch from a challenge? Do you dare to battle the Flevoland Great...

(240.0 km)
Cycle route: De Pampushout & Lepelaarplassen
Fietsroute De Pampushout & Lepelaarplassen

It is an exciting cycling excursion along and through the nature of Almere, the 17km-long circular route...

(17.0 km)
De Slinger
Wielrennen route De Slinger

Meandering through the polder, is that possible? Certainly! It’s possible for almost 150 km. This route...

(149.0 km)
Marker Wadden - long route
Marker Wadden

Discover the newest piece of the Netherlands with this route. Have you already been here before? A habitat...

(6.0 km)

Follow the Wielewaal route through the Hollandse Hout in the Oostvaardersplassen. Spot a deer or hawk,...

(4.0 km)
Edelhert Oostvaardersplassen

Explore this route through the Oostvaardersbos woods in Flevoland. The Hertenpad [deer path] provides...

(2.0 km)
Marker Wadden - short route
Marker Wadden

Take your first steps on the Marker Wadden by following this short route. Discover the newest piece of...

(2.5 km)
Cycling along Almere waterways, nature and distinctive architecture
Fietsen door Almere

This cycle excursion covers all the elements of Almere: water, nature and distinctive architecture.

3 hours (40.0 km)

The Uilenpad [owl path] runs through the Oostvaardersbos and leads you past a lovely tree-lined avenue,...

(2.3 km)