Oostvaardersplassen Lelystad

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The Oostvaardersplassen is a special marshy region between Almere and Lelystad. Thousands of geese and waterfowl live here, alongside Heck cattle, Konik horses, red deer and foxes. Start a great walking or bicycle excursion from the Buitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen, the starting point for a discovery tour through the Oostvaardersplassen. Various walking and cycling routes start there, as do numerous excursions and other activities.

In the visitors’ centre you can enjoy a bite to eat and drink while gazing over the panoramic view of the ponds from the terrace.
The centre has an information desk, shop and a film and meeting theatre. The film theatre is available for meetings, training courses and workshops (for 10-20 people).

About the Oostvaardersplassen

The history of the Oostvaardersplassen is special. When the Flevopolder was drained in 1968, this wet part remained unused. Nature grabbed the opportunity and created a marsh with ponds, reed beds and willow copses. The reed marsh soon became a resting place for many, often rare bird species, as a breeding ground or place to find shelter or food.

The Oostvaardersplassen Lelystad nature reserve is part of Nieuw Land National Park. Together with Staatsbosbeheer and the province of Flevoland, we are going to make this area more attractive. We are adding trenches (water channels) and moorings and bridges. And we are working on new and improved walking, cycling and bridle paths, signposting and a reception area with car parking. 

Met het project Oostvaardersoevers willen zeven regionale partijen een water- en visverbinding realiseren van het Markermeer met de Oostvaardersplassen en de Lepelaarplassen.

Bird boulevard

Oostvaardersplassen is already internationally known as a bird paradise. The dikes surrounding the area are real ‘bird boulevards’. Almost half of the northwestern European population of grey geese come to the Oostvaardersplassen to moult. Some remain to raise their young here. It is also one of the most important brooding places for spoonbills in western Europe and the home of one of the largest cormorant colonies. The Oostvaardersplassen has a wealth of birds of prey. There’s hardly anywhere else where you can see so many species in one day. And in 2006 the Oostvaardersplassen had a first when a white-tailed eagle brooded in our country for the first time in a very long time.

  • The large grazers

    Characteristic of the Oostvaardersplassen – aside from the many birds – are the large grazers. The herds of red deer, Konik horses and Heck cattle cannot be overlooked when walking through the fields! They play a key role in the dynamics of the region. Heck cattle keep the grassland in the Oostvaardersplassen open by grazing. The Konik horses graze the semi-arid landscape, keeping it open, and the red deer keep the bushes in check.

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