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In this striking visitors’ centre of Stad & Natuur, the binoculars are waiting for you to pick them up. You can learn all about this unique nature reserve and its special animal species here. Informative films are shown, and there is a small exhibition. The Paviljoen de Oostvaarders restaurant is located on the ground floor. Here you can enjoy a bite to eat and drink and the stunning panorama, and frequent excursions led by Staatsbosbeheer start from here.

Start your excursion of discovery into the Oostvaardersplassen in the De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre. In this visitors’ centre of Stad & Natuur, you can learn everything about the largest wetland nature reserve in Europe. It’s a habitat for large grazers like Konik horses, Heck cattle and red deer. There is also a variety of unusual bird species like the spoonbill, egret, grey goose, kingfisher, bearded reedling, and even the white-tailed eagle can be spotted here. 

Observe the animals

Stunning panorama

From the panorama room and the crows’ nest, you have a fantastic view over the nature reserve. With the binoculars on hand, you can observe the animals. Informative films about the area are shown in the auditorium, and there is a small exhibition about the animals and the archaeological history of the Oostvaardersplassen. The Nature Experience Centre is the starting point for various excursions led by Staatsbosbeheer.

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With a bit of luck, you may spot a white-tailed eagle!

Sustainable enjoyment

Paviljoen de Oostvaarders

Paviljoen de Oostvaarders restaurant is located on the ground floor of the visitors’ centre. Here you can enjoy daily sustainable, green and healthy food and drink in the lovely natural surroundings of the Oostvaardersplassen. The restaurant serves fresh, sustainable coffee with traditional cakes, flammkuchen, organic baguettes or homemade soup every day from 10:00 to 17:00. Wherever possible, they use organic, local and seasonal  ingredients. Tasty, healthy and sustainable. 

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Paviljoen de Oostvaarders is tasty, healthy and sustainable

The De Oostvaarders Nature Experience Centre

Meeting place right in the heart of nature

The De Oostvaarders nature experience centre is an outstanding place to hold meetings, right in the very heart of nature. The Almere Room or the Auditorium are superbly appointed and ideal for business meetings; sited in a beautifully natural environment, centrally located in the Netherlands and within easy access of the A6 motorway. Combine your meeting with a relaxing stroll or eco-cart excursion. The De Oostvaarders Pavilion offers a full range of catering options, from tailored packages, a healthy snack or filled roll, to a full two or three course seasonal menu.

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