The Lepelaarplassen reserve, part of the Nieuw Land National Park, is a prime example of pioneering nature. South Flevoland was reclaimed from the sea and finally declared dry in 1968. It was dedicated as nature reserve in 1971. A paradise for water birds and marsh birds alike, the reserve includes pools and lakes, reed lands and wet grasslands. It is also an attractive area for landlubbers to go walking or cycling.

Bird-rich meadows

Every day is different!

Large numbers of birds arrive at the Lepelaarplassen reserve to breed, build nests and raise their young. The ditches, pools and ponds here are awash with thousands of sticklebacks, frogs and large water insects: ideal feeding opportunities for great white egrets, grey herons, spoonbills and bitterns. The gnawed stumps of trees also provide plenty of evidence of beavers hard at work in the area. Every day is different! 

Bird spotting

There’s always something to experience here throughout the year

Don’t forget your wellies!

The best tips

Five tips for discovering the Lepelaarplassen reserve:




Observation huts

Grab your binoculars!

There are various observation huts dotting the cycle path circling the Lepelaarplassen reserve, which offer excellent views out over the area. 

Have a look at the various observation huts

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